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the structure

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After a long renovation, “La Virginia” reopens. A dream become true, designed to stop time and rediscover the silence and the joy of sharing emotions with friends and tourists. In the inside guests will find the warm rural atmosphere of the past with terracotta pavements and the antique furniture. An eno gastronomic library makes it even more precious, with pleasant journeys into wines and cheese world and a spacious wine cellar, where you will find plenty of Italian and local labels chosen by Mr Gianfranco Battisti, owner of the inn. In front of the fireplace, on wooden tables, people explore the treasures of the territory through tastings of typical local products, as the Pelaverga wine from Saluzzo’s hills. You will also have the possibility to consult local newspapers, up to date with manifestations and events.


The origins of the inn

The solitary and Majestic King of Stone , the “Monviso” (3841 mt) has stolen glances and fascinated all time travellers. We are in the Marquisat land, next to France, exactly in the Po valley, where the homonymous river starts to flow, land full of monasteries and abbeys , from the city of Staffarda up until Revello.